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G. Aloi, it) received his M.S. degree in Computer Science in 1999 and his Ph.D. degree in Systems Engineering and Computer Science in 2003. He joined the University of Calabria in 2004 where, currently, he is Assistant Professor at the Department of Informatics, Modeling, Electronics and Systems (DIMES) His research interests include spontaneous and reconfigurable wireless networks, cognitive networks, resource provisioning and sharing, software defined radio systems, localization systems and satellite communications

P. Pace, he was a visiting researcher at the CCSR (Surrey ? UK) and at the Georgia Institute of Technology He is currently an Assistant Professor in Telecommunications at the UNICAL. He authored more than sixty papers in international publications, it) received the PhD in Information Engineering in 2005 from the UNICAL, Italy His research interests include Cognitive networks, Sensor and Self-organized networks, Cost and Business models for resource sharing, 2005.

G. Ruggeri, it) received the master degree in electronics engineering in 1998 From University of Catania ,Italy he received the Ph.D. in electronics, computer science and telecommunications engineering from University of Palermo (Italy) He is currently Assistant Professor at the Department of ICT, Infrastructures, and Sustainable Energy (DIIES) at the University "Mediterranea" of Reggio Calabria (Italy) His research interests focus on wireless networking, Self Organizing Networks, and Information Centric Networking (ICN), 2002.