. Proof, Immediate from Lemma 6.2 and Theorem 2.3 via the same type of manipulation that proves Theorem 1

A. Definability, Invariance We now use Lemma 6.3 to show that a regular language is definable in Arb-invariant FO(Succ) iff it is definable in FO(Succ, lm). The " only if " direction is straightforward as any predicate of the form lm can be expressed in Arb-invariant FO(Succ) (actually only addition is needed)

. Xe-i,-e-i-yf-i,-e-i-uf-i, e i vf i and f i z to their corresponding substring in the other string. Hence by Theorem 5.1 we have xe 2i uf 2i ye 2i vf 2i z ? L iff xe 2i vf 2i ye 2i uf 2i z ? L. But again, as e and f are idempotents, this implies xeuf yevf z ? L iff xeuf yevf z ? L. Therefore L is closed under swaps. The pumping argument for closure under transfers is identical. By Lemma 6.3 there are constants c and n 0 such that L is closed under (log n) c -transfers for strings of length bigger than n 0 . Consider x, u, y, v, z as in the hypothesis for closure under transfers. As u ? and v ? are idempotents we have for all i ? N, xu ?·i uyv ?·i z ? L iff xu ? uyv ? z ? L. Take i large enough so that i · ? ? (log |xu ?·i uyv ?·i z|) c ? (log n 0 ) c . Hence we can apply closure under (log n) c -transfers and by Lemma 6, xe 2i vf 2i ye 2i uf 2i z via the bijection sending respectively

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