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O. Shagdar, O. Shadar-received-her, B. S. , M. S. , and P. , she has been has been been working at the ATR Adaptive Communications Research Laboratories. She is a researcher of RITS team at INRIA Paris since 2012 and a researcher in VEDECOM institute since 2015. Her research interest includes wireless communications , especially medium access control, routing/forwarding/access point selection, and transmission coding for vehicular, mesh, sensor applications She is a member of IEEE since, Electric and Electronic System Engineering, 2002.

. Citymobil, . Arcos, . Abv, and S. Love, Mines ParisTech) since 1994 and was an R & D engineer and a project manager at ARMINES since He was previously a research engineer at PROMIP (working on mobile robotics perception dedicated to space exploration) and a technical manager at Light Co. where he led the developments of Virtual Reality/Augmented Reality applications. Fawzi Nashashibi has a Masters Degree in Automation, Industrial Engineering and Signal Processing (LAAS/CNRS), a PhD in Robotics from Toulouse University prepared in (LAAS/CNRS) laboratory, and a HDR Diploma (Accreditation to research supervision) from University of Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) His main research topics are in environment perception and multi-sensor fusion, vehicle positioning and environment 3D modeling with main applications in Intelligent Transport Systems and Robotics. He played key roles in more than 50 European and national French projects such as Carsense, HAVE-it some of which he has coordinated. He is also involved in many collaborations with French and international academics and industrial partners. He is author of numerous publications and patents in the field of ITS and ADAS systems. His current interest focuses on advanced urban mobility through the design and development of highly Automated Transportation Systems. This includes Highly Automated Unmanned Guided Vehicles (such as Cybercars) as well automated personal vehicles. In this field he is known as an international expert, Fawzi Nashashibi 48 years, is a senior researcher and the Program Manager of RITS Team at INRIA Paris since 2010. He has been senior researcher and Program Manager in the robotics center of the Ecole des Mines de Paris several universities (Mines ParisTech Ecole Centrale dElectronique) in the fields of image and signal processing, 3D perception, 3D infographics, mobile robotics and C++/JAVA programming. He is also member of the ITS Society and the Robotics & Automation Society. He is an Associate Editor of several IEEE international conferences such as ICRA, 1994.