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G. Inc, Cryptol

, Type := Mixin { : 2 != 0; : 3 != 0 }. Record ecuType := {A:K; B:K; :4 * A?3 + 27 * B?2 != 0}. Inductive point := EC Inf | EC In of K & K. Notation

, Definition oncurve (p : point) := if p is (x, y) then y?2 == x?3 + A * x + B else true

, Definition add (p1 p2 : point) := let p1 := if oncurve p1 then p1 else EC Inf in let p2 := if oncurve p2 then p2 else EC Inf in match p1, Type := EC p of oncurve p. Definition neg (p : point) := if p is (x, y) then (x, ?y) else EC Inf

, Lemma addO (p q : point): oncurve (add p q)

, Definition addec (p1 p2 : ec) : ec := EC p1 p2 (addO p1 p2)

. , n:nat) (p:point K) = p * + n