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M. Curie and P. , where he is responsible for developing a semantic structure for correlating visual items with contextual information. He received his Bachelor degree in Cultural Heritage from the-University of

. Pisa, Oslo and Akershus College of Applied Science and the-University of Parma in 2013. He worked with the CVCE to develop a semantic schema able to enrich biographical information, and afterwards he joined, as data curator & modeler, the Trentino Open Data project, where he collaborated with amultidisciplinary team for opening and describing the public-administration data. His research interests are Data Management, Semantic Web, Cultural Heritage and Digital Preservation

. Bordeaux-montaigne, He is responsible for coordinating the work of the 3D consortium labeled by

. Univ and S. Lund, An archaeologist, with a very solid experience with ICT technologies, GIS and 3D digitization. Participated to several scanning campaigns, including extensive work at Pompei as part of the Swedish Pompei Project

P. Milano and I. Engineer, PhD, expert in 3D digitization technologies, partner of EC " 3D-ICONS " project and of the Indiana University digitization project in the Uffizi Museum

G. Anaïs and . Both, Anaïs Guillem was previously involved in ITN-DCH project as Marie-Curie fellow. Her research work focuses on the digital documentation and modeling to document Built Cultural Heritage: from the different techniques and tools for surveying, to the processing, the modeling, and the analysing that lead to the interpretation the data

M. Adeline, Models and simulations for architecture and cultural heritage) laboratory. After a master pursued in Information and System Science at the MAP laboratory in 2012, she received her PhD at the Arts et Métiers ParisTech in 2016. Her research activities focuses on specific problems of information visualization, spatialization of information, 2D/3D linking, automatic propagation of annotations and 2D/3D analysis tools. She currently develops Aioli, an application for describing, analyzing and documenting cultural heritage based on these research topics

A. P. Michel, Lecturer in Contemporary History at the University of Evry-Val d'Essonne and researcher at the research laboratory Institutions et Dynamiques Historiques de l'Économie et de la Société (IDHE.S, UMR 8533) Both historian of industrial production techniques, expert in visual sources, and expert in the use of 3D modelling tools for historical interpretation, p.70

A. Pamart and I. , He was in 2014, a Center for Khmer Studies (CKS, Cambodia) fellow hosted at the research institute of the École Française d'Extrême-Orient (EFEO) in Siem Reap to develop practices of close-range photogrammetry in Angkor archeological park he joined the MAP laboratory in Marseille (UMR 3495 CNRS/MCC) as a European Leonardo fellow to work on shape analysis and he's currently studies engineer in charge of the acquisition, the processing and the analysis of 3D data. He's also involved in other scientific partnerships and actions (COST-COSCH/Consortium3D CNRS) about multimodality and dissemination of 3D contents. technologies for 3D digital repositories from 2014-2016. Her research interests include the documentation and visualisation of heritage collections as well as their exploitation for creative purposes (e.g. visual arts and crafts) Other research interests include information and knowledge management of 3D artefacts, semantic technologies, digital fabrication, and the practical aspects of deployment in the heritage sector, 3D digitization She contributes in various international committees in these areas, and is currently Information Director for the ACM Journal in Computing and Cultural Heritage, 2015.

R. Laurent, . Research, and . Inria, France and director general of DARIAH. He carries out research on the modeling of semi-structured documents, with a specific emphasis on texts and linguistic resources. He has also been active in standardization activities within the TEI consortium and ISO and is now chairing ISO committee TC 37 on terminology and language resources. He is also contributing to the definition of the scientific information policy of Inria

T. Sarah, . Engineer, U. Archeovision, and C. , Formerly specialized in databases administration and migration for private telecom firms. Now acting in research databases, specialized in database management