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. Octet, Bit3 (x) and Bit3, Bit2 (x) and Bit2 (y) Bit4 (x) and Bit4 (y), Bit5 (x) and Bit5 (y), Bit6 (x) and Bit6 (y), Bit7 (x) and Bit7 (y), pp.8-8

. Octet, Bit3 (x) or Bit3, Bit2 (x) or Bit2 (y) Bit4 (x) or Bit4 (y), Bit5 (x) or Bit5 (y), Bit6 (x) or Bit6 (y), Bit7 (x) or Bit7 (y), pp.8-8

=. Xor-y and . Octet, Bit3 (x) xor Bit3, Bit2 (x) xor Bit2 (y) Bit4 (x) xor Bit4 (y), Bit5 (x) xor Bit5 (y), Bit6 (x) xor Bit6 (y), pp.7-7

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*. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????-*-)-type, . Maa, and . Prelude, * ! implementedby N255 external * ) : -> Nat MAC ( * ! implementedby MAC * ) : Block, Block, Message -> Block MAAstart : ThreePairs, Message -> Block MAA : Message, pp.2-2

V. , W. , B. , X. ==, !. ?. et al., assert X == xD8804CA5; assert Y == xFDC1A8BA); assert X == x3F6F7248; assert Y == x11AC46B8; ?? 14th MainLoop iteration MainLoop assert X == xACBC13DD; assert Y == x33D5A466; ?? 15th MainLoop iteration MainLoop assert X == x4CE933E1; assert Y == xC21A1846); assert X == xC1ED90DD; assert Y == xCD959B46; ?? 17th MainLoop iteration MainLoop assert X == x3CD54DEB; assert Y == x613F8E2A); assert X == xBBA57835; assert Y == x07C72EAA; ?? 19th MainLoop iteration MainLoop); assert X == xD7843FDC; assert Y == x6AD6E8A4, ?? 11th MainLoop iteration MainLoop assert X == x5EBA06C2; assert Y == x91896CFA; ?? Coda: MainLoop iteration with S MainLoop S); assert X == x1D9C9655; assert Y == x98D1CC75; ?? Coda: MainLoop iteration with T MainLoop