, cores; Front-end 2-wide; 16 B fetch block size 14 stages (3-fetch, 3-decode, 3-rename, 2-dispatch, 3-commit), OoO Execution Cores -2 GHz

, 24-entry fetch buffer, 32-entry decode buffer, 32-entry ROB

, INT: 2-alu, 1-mul. and 1-div.; FP: 1-alu, 1-mul. and 1-div

, 1-load and 1-store functional units (1-1 cycle); MOB entries: 10-read and 10-write

, Branch Predictor -1 branch per fetch; 4 K-entry 4-way set-associative BTB

, Two-Level PAs predictor; 16 K-entry BHT, 2-bits prediction

L. Data and +. Inst, Cache -32 KB, 8-way, 2-cycle; 64 bytes line; LRU policy

, MSHR entries: 10-request, 8-write-back; Stride Prefetcher: 1-degree, 16-strides table

, L2 Cache -256 KB shared for every 2 cores; 8-way, 4-cycle; 64 bytes line; LRU policy; MSHR entries: 10-request, 6-write-back; Inclusive LLC; MOESI coherence

, Stream Prefetcher: 2-degree, 16 prefetch distance, p.32

, Low Power DDR3-1600 Controller and Interconnection -Bi-directional ring, 1?8-channels; 8 LP-DRAM banks, 8 KB row buffer per bank (1 KB per device), 8 burst length

. Open-row, . Cas, R. Rp, and C. Latency,

, HMC Module and Interconnection -Bi-directional ring, 1?4-links @ 8GHz; 32 Vaults, 16 LP-DRAM banks per Vault @ 800 MHz, 256 B row buffer per bank, 2 burst length

. Closed-row, . Cas, R. Rp, and C. Latency,

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