, it's an 88-minute highlight reel that's 86 minutes too long

, such an incomprehensible mess that it feels less like bad cinema than like being stuck in a dark pit having a nightmare about bad cinema

, during the tuxedo's 90 minutes of screen time , there isn't one true 'chan moment

, the script becomes lifeless and falls apart like a cheap lawn chair

, the script falls back on too many tried-and-true shenanigans that hardly distinguish it from the next teen comedy

, a close-to-solid espionage thriller with the misfortune of being released a few decades too late

. Finally, we show another example of negative tweets correctly classified by another rule yielding predictive accuracy equal to 100% : 1. maybe leblanc thought , " hey , the movie about the baseball-playing monkey was worse

, the script becomes lifeless and falls apart like a cheap lawn chair

, a baffling subplot involving smuggling drugs inside danish cows falls flat

, given the fact that virtually no one is bound to show up at theatres for it , the project should have been made for the tube

, jonathan parker's bartleby should have been the be-all-end-all of the modernoffice anomie films

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