. Ddtui,

. Ddtutransposei,

. Latti,

. Latui,

. Latutransposei,

, for i in range(16): dico_DDT

, dico_DDT

, Utranspose"+str(i)) (mat): return [[ abs(mat[i][j]) for j in range (mat.ncols())] for i in range, dico_DDT

, range(16)): signature=(i,k1,k0) #used to identify the component we are looking at latint=spectrum_to_int, dico_DDT_and_LAT=defaultdict(list) for i,k1,k0 in itertools.product(range(16),range(16)

, (i,k1,k0)!=(j,k1j,k0j)): if(len(affine_equivalence, Affine Equivalence for key in dico_DDT_and_LAT: for (i,k1,k0) in dico_DDT_and_LAT[key]: for (j,k1j,k0j) in dico_DDT_and_LAT

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