, Protocol 1 Proposed Migration Procedure with BTP (MPBT) 1: Execute BTP (T SM , T A1) 2: T SM ? T A1 : [(Init M igrate || XT SM )?T SM ]AE K 3: T A1 ? T SM : [(T A1 Ack || XT A1)?T A1]AE K 4: Execute BTP (T SM , T A2)

T. Sm-?-t-a2-;-p-rep-m-igrate-||-x-t-sm-)?t and S. M. Ae-k, , vol.6

, (T A1 Success || XT A1)?T A1]AE K Protocol 2 Proposed Revocation Lookup with, BTP (RLBT), vol.1

, Backup Success || XBA)?BA]AE K Protocol 5 Proposed Update Procedure with BTP (UPBT) 1: Execute BTP (M A, T SM ) 2: M A ? T SM : [(U pdate Ready || XMA)?MA]AE K 3: T SM ? M A : [(T SM Ack || XT SM )?T SM ]AE K 4: Execute BTP (T SM , T A) 5: T SM ? T A : [(P rep U pdate || X T SM )?T SM ]AE K, vol.6

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