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, Author Biographies

, he was a visiting researcher at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Since 2004, he is conducting his research at Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest and at the LaBRI laboratory. He works in the domain of high-performance computing, network communications, and MPI. He is focusing currently on communication/computation overlap. After defending its Ph.D, Alexandre Denis is a research scientist at Inria. Alexandre Denis got his Master degree fromÉcole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in 2000 and his PhD in the domain of Grid Computing from University of Rennes in 2003, 2003.

, During his Ph.D., he started the MPC (MultiProcessor Computing) framework. He joined CEA in 2006 as a research engineer to extend the MPC framework and provide building blocks for high performance multithreaded applications. He received the "Habilitationà Diriger des Recherches" (French degree which accredits to supervise researches) from Versailles Saint Quentinen-Yvelines University in 2015. Since 2018, he leads an R&D group dealing with runtime systems, tools for HPC systems and framework for scientific computing codes. After passing his master degree on High Performance Computing at University of Versailles in 2015, Hugo Taboada obtains his Ph.D degree from the University of Bordeaux under the direction of Emmanuel Jeannot and Alexandre Denis, Emmanuel Jeannot is a senior research scientist at Inria. He is conducting his research at Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest and at the LaBRI laboratory since 2009. Emmanuel Jeannot got his PhD degree in computer science from Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, 2000.