, Section1-their use of social media applications

, Which Social networks do you use most? 2. Since when have you started using social network?

, How many hours do you spend on social media? Daily/weekly

, Are your accounts on social media private or public? Section 2-the commercial use of social media applications

, Do you use social media for online shopping? Why? 6. Which social media application do you prefer more in buying?

, Can you explain how you find product and buy it by social media? 10. Can you explain your experience in writing and reading comments? 11. What do you like or dislike about this experience? 12. What do you think the risks of buying using social media? 13

, Do you shop online by using e-commerce websites and applications? why? 15. Do you prefer buying by websites or by social media and why? Section 4-demographic and general information

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