, ? Specific elements: <author>, <editor>, <funder>, <principal>, <sponsor> ? Generic <respStmt> element ? Citing everyone from student to PI ? Essential for a proper attribution of the work done ? Richer than any

, Data curation, Formal Analysis, Funding acquisition, Investigation, Methodology, Project administration, Resources, Software, Supervision, Validation, Visualization, Writing -original draft, Writing -review & editing ODD in a nutshell ? ODD: an instance of the Literate programming model, ? An emerging trend ? Cf. the documentation of roles in a publication, 1984.

, One specification comprises ? The formal definition => from which one can derive, e.g., a RelaxNG schema ? The prose documentation => html, pdf, docx, ePub etc

, ? ODD is a TEI vocabulary => open models ? The TEI guidelines are expressed in ODD ? You can derive TEI customisations from the guidelines using ODD ? Basis for any project documentation ? Customisations can be further

, You can also specify non-TEI vocabularies in ODD ? E.g. EAD (Romary and Riondet, 2018.

, ? An obvious member of the TEI document landscape (cf. Holmes and Romary, 2010.

, ? A publication is a text document + stuff: precise metadata, structure, references ? Customisation facilitates adaptation to specific publication objects (articles, book, slides) ? Natural continuum with other sources (primary -secondary source continuum)

, Used in various projects and tools ? Providing a precise snapshot of metadata description: TEI export in HAL (plus bibliographical references acquired by means of Grobid)

, ? Publication platforms: Open Edition Journal (JTEI!), Persée.fr, DHQ, Digital mediavalist

?. Management and . The, Non patent literature" at the European Patent Office (as part of a 200 million TEI document back office ?)

, ? What about JATS?

, ? Narrow niche (lack of interoperability with other textual sources), bad standardisation management (sigh?), shaky design (vague TEI plagiarism) -Vergiss es!

, Making the TEI univocal in a specific subdomain: legacy dictionaries

, ? ISO 24613-4: LMF serialisation in TEI ? Ontolex: LOD model for lexical data ? Online presence (Kudos to @ttasovac) ? Applying the TEI principles ? TEI customisation -ODD ? Open process on GitHub: specification, examples and discussions ? Mappings to other initiatives, p.2

, ? Linking with other standardisation bodies with other business models (W3C, ISO)

?. Ssk--, Standardisation Survival Kit ? Designed within the EU Parthenos project ? On stage: various Parthenos partner, not the least OEAW-ACDH colleagues ? Objective: to describe research processes ? Initially to pinpoint the role of standards at various stages of such processes ? Concept ? Description of research scenarios ? Each scenario is decomposed in various steps ?

, ? The TEI as the description language (<event>!)

C. ?-mörth-karlheinz, L. Riondet, and . Tadjou, Create a dictionary in TEI, The Standardization Survival Kit (SSK), 2019.

, ? Supervised by the DARIAH GIST working group ? Integration into the SSHOC Market Place