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A. Junaid, Junaid also has a MS Degree in Electrical Engineering as well and brings a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving. Junaid loves to teach and believes that the best way to learn something is to teach it. Junaid has taught UX Design & HCI at the organizations he has previously been a part of. In order for the organization to compete most effectively in the marketplace, Creativity must be a vital skill of its employees. Junaid has also conducted numerous workshops on Creative Thinking. Junaid Co-Founded StyleMyFit Pvt. Ltd. which enabled customers to create Made-to-Measure Apparels to complement body type & personal styles -with the convenience of e-commerce, US based MNC as an Experience Designer designing their learning management system. Junaid has more than ten years of industry experience in User Experience and Interaction Design across organizations such as Adobe, Oracle, ABB Corporate Research, IBM, Intel and Human Factors International