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The SWORD deposit API enables the automatic import of documents in the HAL open archive.

Under the CCSD GitHub warehouse, you will find comprehensive documentation, in English, describing the deposit process via Sword import, as well as an example of XML /TEI for each type of document. Each .xml file describes the mandatory and optional fields that make this import possible.

A form enables the deposit in HAL-Inria from an xml file in the format described above. It is very easy: simply select the HAL Inria portal, deposit the xml file (or potentially a .zip with the xml and the files) and start the import.

Try it first in the sandbox at  https://api-preprod.archives-ouvertes.fr/sword/upload/ and, if you are impressed, in production https://api.archives-ouvertes.fr/sword/upload/.











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Logo de SwordThe SWORD API allows to automatically import documents in the open publication repository HAL.

Under the github repository of CCSD, you’ll find complete documentation in English describing the import process with Sword and an example of XML/TEI for … Lire la suite

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