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Software Heritage: Universal software archive

Software Heritage


Inria announces on June 30th 2016 Software Heritage, an ambitious initiative to collect, organise, preserve, and make easily accessible the source code of all software that is publicly available.

Software lies at the heart of medical equipment and devices; software ensures proper operation of the power, transportation, and telecommunication networks; software powers banks and financial institutions; software is just crucial for the proper operation of large organizations, be them public or private, in mobile devices or in the cloud. In a word, software is today a key enabler for all aspects of our modern world: our industry, our science, our lifestyle, and all of our society depends on software.

The Software Heritage project wants to build at the same time a « library of Alexandria » of Software, a unique reference data base of all source code, a tool for new software projects and a research instrument for Computer Science.
Software Heritage is an essential building block for preserving and sharing the scientific and technical knowledge that is increasingly embedded in software.
Visit now www.softwareheritage.org to find out the many ways in which you can add your contribution and help build the Software Heritage archive.

Everybody can help, even just adding a line to the list of source codes that are worth collecting is a precious contribution.

Feel free to participate.




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