.. .. ,

, Percentage of nodes viewing 99% of the stream and distribution of the corresponding stream lag (upload capped at 700 kbps)

, Percentage of nodes viewing 99% of the stream and bandwidth usage distribution with different fanout values and upload caps

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.. .. Codec,

.. .. Claim,

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, Stream Lag and bandwidth usage with the RPS running at various frequencies-different values of t RPS -in homo-691

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, Whisker plots for sample average obtained from the RPS view with increasing network sizes, p.27

, Percentage of nodes receiving a clear stream over time with a catastrophic failure of 20% or 50% of the nodes happening at t=60s

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, Stream Lag for HEAP and delivery rate for the external application for higher duty cycles (d c ) and several values of B app (different lines) with T app = 200ms

, With RLNC, C can send useful information to D and E without knowing what they have received, p.34

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. .. Knn,

, In this example, after exchanging their profiles, Alice and Bob modify their neighbors in order to be connected with the users who share the most their interests

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, F1-Score depending on the fanout and message cost

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C. .. Whatsup,

P. .. Bandwidth,

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, Simplified information flow through the protocol's data structures

, Complete information flow through the protocol's data structures

, Impact of compacting the profiles (various b-to-d ratios)

, Impact of filtering sensitive information (various filter sizes, f s)

. .. , Impact of obfuscating profiles and randomizing dissemination (f s = 200), p.75

. .. 2-dp,

, OPRD vs 2-DP: F1-Score vs number of messages

, Randomness vs performance and level of privacy

, Recommendation quality with different levels of randomization of user profiles. This quality is not significantly hampered by levels of randomization of up to 75%

, Overview of the H&S similarity computation mechanism

, Recommendation quality expressed as precision and recall with a varying number of recommendations r, using the MovieLens datasets

, Recommendation quality expressed as precision and recall with a varying number of recommendations r, using the Jester dataset

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