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Hal-Inria allows to access all publications in HAL and, for Inria team members, to deposit the full text of their scientific contributions

Manage your digital identity in HAL: create an idHAL

How can you avoid being confused with a homonym in HAL, or appearing as several different people? How can you make sure your name is spelled correctly? idHAL is the solution.

idHAL is a unique identifier allowing you to identify yourself as the author of a publication on HAL. It allows you to group all your author forms and thus to find all your publications in HAL. An asset for you and a useful tool when submitting publications, helping you to associate the right author with the publication.

In short:

  • Creating your IdHAL allows you to control the relevance of the publications affiliated to your name
  •  A CV page can then be created, with automated display of the bibliography

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