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PPM Publications

[hal-03453746] Onset of the Younger Dryas Recorded with 14 C at Annual Resolution in French Subfossil Trees – ERRATUM


[halshs-03448026] Archéologie maritime, archéologie navale et dendrochronologie


[hal-03310353] First high resolution chronostratigraphy for the early North African Acheulean at Casablanca (Morocco)


[hal-03441636] Positive challenges for research in the changing Mediterranean environment


[hal-03438372] Larch building in the Southern French Alps since the 10th century : a new dendrochronological reading of long-term human occupation in the mountain


[hal-03437876] Contribution à la connaissance des lépidoptères et coléoptères crépusculaires et nocturnes de l'île de Port-Cros (archipel des Îles d'Hyères, Var, France)


[hal-03437791] Etat sanitaire des peuplements de pin d’Alep (Pinus halepensis Mill.) dans le massif forestier de Senalba (Djelfa, Algérie)


[hal-03437016] A note on the biogeographical origin of the brine shrimp Artemia urmiana Günther, 1899 from Urmia Lake, Iran


[hal-03209442] Land Use Changes Threaten Bird Taxonomic and Functional Diversity Across the Mediterranean Basin: A Spatial Analysis to Prioritize Monitoring for Conservation


[hal-03416194] Sur quelques Coléoptères saproxyliques remarquables ou nouveaux pour la France métropolitaine