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Forum on Reproducible Research


If you are interested in the issues of reproducible research, a forum has just been created: https://reproducible-research.inria.fr/


This forum is intended to:

  • Bootstrap beginners to reproducible research by pointing them to the right resources (tutorials, research articles, tools, …)

  • Announce seminars, training sessions, workshops, hackatons, … that can help improving your skills.

  • Have more experienced researchers discuss on technical points, publication practices, etc.

The forum was led by Arnaud Legrand, researcher at the Grenoble Computer Science Laboratory, team leader of the Polaris team (Inria) and co-pilot of the Mooc "Reproducible research: methodological principles for a transparent science".
Arnaud Legrand is also one of the authors of the book: "Vers une recherche reproducible: Faire évoluer ses pratiques".
The book was co-written as part of a sprint book with Loïc Desquilbet, Boris Hejblum, Pascal Pernot, Nicolas Rougier.








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The IES-Inria team is small during this summer period and therefore a little less reactive than usual. Thank you for your patience.

Colloque Données massives en recherche – Reconfiguration du paysage de la recherche : enjeux éthiques et scientifiques  (4/18/19)  



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