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WeometricsThe 16th Webometrics Ranking of Open Access Repositories has just been published!
This year sees the introduction of a new “Altmetrics” criterion, a visibility indicator (Academia, Facebook, LinkedIn, Mendeley, ResearchGate, Slideshare, Twitter, Wikipedia (all editions), Wikipedia (English edition); YouTube & Scribd), which now counts for 25% of the evaluation. Another new feature is the inclusion of scientific social network portals such as Researchgate and Academia.
HAL remains well placed as the 4th best portal, with HAL-SHS and HAL-Inria ranked 4th and 5th respectively among the top university repositories, and 8th and 10th in the World Ranking.
The ideal occasion to celebrate the progress made by HAL-SHS. 

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A complete documention of HALV3 is available on the portal generic HAL.





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Some tutorials are available on HAL-Inria !

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BibTeX import in Hal-Inria (5/27/15)  
Bib2HalWeb  allows you to submit a batch of publications to HAL using a BibTeX file. To do this you need a Hal account The tool makes submission easy: by analyzing the bibtex with detection and indication of errors by offering author affiliations using the existing ones in HAL by supplementing …

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